Truth Is..

We can act like we’re so strong yet deep inside feel like we’re sinking into the water so deep we could drown. But GOD knows what man cannot tell. He sees and knows the intent of our hearts. There’s a temptation to lock ourselves up from the rest of the world when we fail. But thruth is, it’s when we step out of that comfort zone that we reflect the glory back to God the most. It’s when we show that it’s not because we’ve got it all together but because of the grace of Jesus Christ that’s why we’re able to stand. It’s not when we’re consumed with pride to not admit how much we’ve failed but when we confess and kneel in full surrender. It’s not when we act strong but it’s when we admit in humility that we are weak that God’s strength is made perfect in us.

We all have our own struggles. We all have our downfall. But thanks be to God that He loves us so much that when we fall, He catches us & help us back up & walks with us to the end of this life’s journey. “For GOD is good and His faithfulness endures forever.”


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