Ever been in a situation where you feel like you’re out of place? Those that surround you have a different lifestyle – an alienated culture from what you were civilized into. What’s fun for you isn’t fun for them. What’s cool for them sucks for you. And when we’re caught up in that situation we only have two extremes to choose from: to adjust or to retreat. What would you pick?

“Bloom where you are planted” is such a widely popular statement. Almost everyone of us love that kind of encouragement because it is true, that’s what we should be doing – to bloom! But it’s not really as easy it sounds. You can’t just put yourself in a spot that’s comfortable for you but not for others. There is a need to adjust to a certain level where you wouldn’t cause problems or find yourself humiliated. Sometimes, because of the great pressure of being in this circumstance, we end up questioning why we were placed in it. But no matter what, the fact remains that where you are right now is not an accident. God allows us to go through stuff so that we will know where He’s leading us. Instead of spending all our time complaining about it or feeling hopeless, we must stop and think about the truth that God is amidst it all. Even when we think He’s not involved and that this is all just a product of a coincidence.

There is a reason why you’re there even if it could be just a result of a mistake you’ve committed. Even our wrong decisions and actions, God can still turn out into something good. He didn’t plan everything so wonderfully only to put you in a situation where you’d look like a total fool. He’s not that kind of a God. So if you feel like you’re out of place, pray and ask God to help you know and see why He’s placed you there. Things will fall into place as you listen closely to what He’s leading you.


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