God Silenced The Lions

I sit here remembering that afternoon I was walking home alone and a huge dog walked alongside of me w/o being tied to its chain. Earlier that day that same dog was barking ferouciously at us while aggressively trying to break away from its chain. It looked as if it was ready to kill us. My heartbeat went fast, my hands were cold and I hardly felt the ground as I walked. Yet even then, I had no choice but to try to keep my cool. While I was suffering this agony, 3 other ‘wild’ dogs that were tied onto a tree just a few steps away from us were barking like crazy. I was scared & I’m not ashamed to admit that. I’m too small and ‘powerless’ compared to them. But then I remembered how God closed the mouth of the lions who were around Daniel. Regardless of the reason why God protected him, it was what kept me from freaking out. I prayed and I asked God to increase my faith. And sure enough, that big dog walked alongside of me w/o even barking. It looked as if it didn’t see me at all. I passed by its territory w/o any threatening reaction on from its part. And as soon as I got past his area, the three ‘wild’ dogs went very quiet too. They behaved as if I wasn’t even in front of them. It was only when I stepped inside of our gate when they started barking again. I got home, stunned at how God protected me. I was eaten up by that feeling more than being frightened. I was speechless & as soon as I snapped myself back, I told everyone & shared how God had saved me. Those few moments were crazy scary for someone like me. But I am amazed, even now, at how God had answered my prayer even in that quick & small situation.